Important notice

  1. The total amount of money that need to be paid for the first half year has to be paid before 28th FEBRUARY while for the second half year has to be paid before 31st AUGUST on the same year.
  2. If any of the money or part of the portion such as  (1) is still in debt and haven't been paid in the period that has been stated above, that amount will be consider as accrued and can be claimed by any type of payment that has been set according to Section 147 and 148 Local Government Act 1976 or through legal action according to Section 156 of the same Act.
  3. Section 152 of Local Government Act 1976 states that any cost resulted from the legal action will be claimed and treated as part of the accrued claimed.
  4. According to Section 160 of Local Government Act 1976, any property transfer has to be told to the council within 3 months by filling in the I/J Form that available at Hulu Selangor Municipal Council Property Management and Evaluation Department.